Take control of your student recruitment channelsand target better prospective students

Recruit students with our cost-efficient, end-to-end digital (recruitment) platform. With your branding (white-labelled), the platform supports revenue generation through the recruitment of a targeted number of (Gen Z) students of required quality and diversity, crossing the entire application process from lead-generation to conversion to acceptance/enrolment.

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Connect and recruit qualified aspiring students using ourInstant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP), your branded peer-to-peer platform.

IQAP uses bots and natural language AI so that your staff, student ambassadors and counsellors can work productively when advising and helping pre-qualified prospective students with their applications. IQAP can be used as a custom mobile app available in iOS, Android or as a web app available via a URL. This app works 24/7, speaks several languages and is very efficient at qualifying students. It never gets tiring!
Respond instantaneously
58% of prospective students prefer to use real-time chat at all stages of communication with a university; 73% to make an enquiry. The IQAP bot will respond immediately, increasing student’s satisfaction.
Qualify with bots
IQAP uses artificial intelligence (AI) to pre-qualify prospective students based on location, citizenship, language, intended level of study and/or other customised criteria. IQAP then selectively notifies in real-time via email or SMS the most suitable staff, counsellor, alumni or student ambassador about enquiries, allowing them to respond immediately from their mobile phones if they wish.

Start applications

IQAP enables advice to be personalised and tailored to each university. Using up-to-date international currencies, IQAP allows formal quotations to be created at the click of a button. IQAP also helps prospective students by providing Gen-Z friendly guidance on uploading documentation required for their particular course application, as well as guidance on how to complete their Statements of Purpose


Redirect students

Automatically assign your potential students to an agency counsellor in your agent channel or, if you prefer, to a staff member, alumni or student ambassador at your university. Use criteria, such as citizenship or language, to choose the most suitable advisor for your prospective student to connect with.

End-to-End Aspiring Student Experience

The Aspiring Student Digital Journey

Learn more about the future student journey and how IQAP intersects with it
How do students become aware of study options for the first time? The role of marketing communications at this stage is vital - this is "push and pull" at its best. Students are reached directly using paid marketing or are attracted by referees or influencers, or organically.
Geography 2
Expression of interest
At this stage, students want more information. The more information the student provides, the better the answer to their questions will be. IQAP is a 24/7 service that qualifies prospective students using bots in various languages, using ‘Natural Language Processing’ to connect students with the relevant counsellor.
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This is the critical stage when a peer-to-peer connection between a student and relevant person (i.e. agent counsellor, staff member or even alumni or student ambassador) is what makes the difference, altering the future student journey.
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Following counselling, communication and clarity about study options, managing student information and providing access to quality resources about the intended course or education provider via quotes are part of proper CRM execution.
Geography 5
This is the climax of the journey. At this point, online applications are a must - long gone are the days of paper or PDF applications. The future of this stage will be machine learning and document verification.
Geography 6
At this stage, students are either admitted or rejected. If admitted, offers issued can be unconditional, conditional or packaged with other courses. The offer of admission is the legal document defining the contractual relationship between a student and an education provider. The process for this document to be issued can make a world of difference for both the student and the university or college.
Geography 7
It is very reasonable for students to receive more than one letter of offer - the average is three! As application systems become easier and faster to use, the number of offers may well increase. You can leverage the power of peer-to-peer recruitment to convert students with offers from your own branded app.
Geography 8
This is the final stage of the aspiring student journey, while also the beginning of one of the best experiences students will ever have. Further aspects of the onward student journey, such as accommodation and transportation, can be tracked via IQAP.

What's in it for you

Instant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP)

IQAP is enabling universities like yours to automate their instant messaging communications to professionally manage thousands of enquiries a day via web or instant messaging apps. IQAP uses bots and natural language A.I. to qualify, respond automatically, and allocate students to the most suitable staff, counsellors, alumni or student ambassadors; so enquiries are handled quickly and turned into successful applications.

Reach more students

The average email open rate should be between 15-25%. On the other hand, the open rate through messenger apps is around 98%. Imagine getting almost all of your potential students to take a look at what you are offering them. This is already creating a much larger pool for conversion to acceptance than e-mail could ever come close to.

Reward good advisors

Your own recruiters, your student ambassadors, alumni, education agents or school advisors are at the core of your student recruitment strategy. IQAP enables you to work selectively with them in a way that rewards them with qualified prospective students. This means they are more productive at assisting prospective students with applications for your university.

Use your brand

The IQAP platform will be hosted in our domain, e.g. or a domain of your preference, e.g. we can create a complete new one, e.g. At all times it is your brand that prospective students will see.

Receive full support

Our online training and assistance guarantee that your staff, student ambassadors, alumni and agents can make the best of using the IQAP platform. The Sofiri team will service them to boost their productivity and, in consequence, to improve your recruitment numbers. Use our marketing support campaign assistance to reach more aspiring students and generate more qualified prospective students for your agents to support.

Experience IQAP

See what IQAP looks like for a demo university

See for yourself what IQAP is like for a real university and how prospective students, staff, student ambassadors and agent counsellors make use of it.


Web Experience

Uses university web domain
Hosted in AWS
Access for students, agents counsellors, alumni, ambassadors, staff and administrators
Code to embed counsellors anywhere



Fully university branded
Recruit in a non-crowded
Reach students anywhere, anytime
Enable counsellors to work on the go
Sign up with Apple

“Education agents are highly valued partners of UNE International (UNEI) and this app means we can help them transition to online recruitment and continue doing so in a sustainable way. UNE International is proud to partner with Sofiri to launch this platform and are very much looking forward to helping our partners engage with pre-qualified prospective students”.

Chris Daly
International Marketing Manager, University of New England

Cost-efficient student recruitment

A license for all approaches

IQAP’s pricing plans help you select the level of depth and engagement you want to apply. You will have access to your own iOS and Android app that will help you heavily reduce your marketing cost.


For those wanting to test the waters

Your portal in
Code to embed on your site
Email notifications
English only


For those that want iOS and Android apps

Custom app for iOS and Android
Your portal in your domain*
Email notifications
Code to embed on your site
Support in six languages


For those that want to use WeChat mini apps

Email and SMS notifications
Custom app for iOS and Android
Code to embed on your site
Support in five languages
*Your portal in your domain

Set it up in your university

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