IQAP will pre-qualify

Instant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP)

Peer-to-Peer student recruitment and admissions platform connecting prospective students to advisors.

genuine prospective students

IQAP is comprehensive

It manages the journey from prospective student enquiry to enrolment, not just student engagement.

automate their instant messaging communications

IQAP will pre-qualify

IQAP enables education providers, destination promoters and education agents to automate their instant messaging communications and professionally manage thousands of enquiries.
IQAP will pre-qualify these enquiries so they are allocated to the correct channels and individuals. This means that advisors work with genuine prospective students enhancing their productivity and enhancing the opportunity to turn enquiries into enrolments. IQAP eases student applications by providing guidance for uploading correct documentation tailored for particular courses, and guidance on writing their Statement of Purpose. 

End-to-End Aspiring Student Experience

The Aspiring Student Digital Journey

Learn more about the future student journey and how IQAP intersects with it

How do students become aware of study options for the first time? The role of marketing communications at this stage is vital; this is "push and pull" at its best; students are reached directly using paid marketing or are attracted by referees, influencers or organically.
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Expression of interest
At this stage, students want more information, the more information the student provides, the better the answer will be . IQAP will qualify prospective students using bots in various languages, servicing students 24/7 and using Natural Language Processing to then connect them with the relevant counsellor.
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In this critical stage, a peer-to-peer connection between a student and a relevant person, i.e. agent counsellor, staff member or even alumni or student ambassador is what makes the difference and alters the future student journey.
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Following student's counselling, communication and clarity about their study options, managing the student information along with providing quality information about the intended course or education provider via quotes is part of a proper CRM execution.
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This is the climax in a journey that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. At this point, online applications are a must, long gone are the days of paper or PDF applications; the future of this stage is about machine learning and document verification.
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At this stage, students are either admitted or rejected, if admitted, offers issued can be unconditional, conditional or packaged with other courses. This is the legal document that defines the contractual relationship between a student and an education provider. The process that takes place for this document to be issued can make a world of difference for both the student and the university or college.
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It is very reasonable for students to hold in their hands more than one letter of offer, the average is three, and as application systems become more comfortable and faster to use, that number will increase. Leverage the power of peer-to-peer recruitment to convert student with offers from your own branded app.
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This is the last stage of the aspiring student journey, and the beginning of one of the best experiences students will ever have. There are many areas to consider, from accommodation to transportation. Track real outcome results using IQAP.

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