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The ultimate student recruitment solution

Reimagine student recruitment and be at the forefront of the significant shift from traditional recruitment pathways to the more convenient, cost-effective digital platforms of the future.

Peer-to-Peer Student Recruitment

Students are no longer just connecting with one individual party during the aspiring student journey. The Sofiri app connects students with counsellors, staff, alumni, agents and student ambassadors.

End-to-End Future Student Experience

Cover the aspiring student journey from awareness to engagement to application, admissions and visa, all in one system. Integrate us with your CRM, application system and other important student experience systems.

Automated Student Qualification

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to pre-qualify prospective students based on location, citizenship, language, intended level of study and/or other customised criteria.

24/7 Responses in Multiple Languages

Increase student satisfaction with real-time responses using bots to qualify students in various languages, including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Malay and Spanish.

Clients Testimonials

What People Say

"This is the first of our many initiatives as we move towards digitalisation. With this app, we will be able to reach out to a wider range of students and extend UNM’s reach even further.".

Professor Graham Kendall
CEO and Provost, University of Nottingham Malaysia

“The IQAP platform was embedded on our website, it is the best way to connect prospective students and counsellors any day, any time.”

Fernanda Soto
Head of Marketing & Recruitment, Waratah Institute

"We have an IQAP platform for our counsellors to work from home, we are connecting them every day with students qualified".

Kumar Karki
CEO - Landmark Education


Your Mobile App

Your custom mobile app will be available in iOS or Android, or as a web app available via a URL. This app works 24/7, speaks several languages, and is very efficient at qualifying students; it never gets tired.


A bot will connect with students and will qualify them in six different languages, 24/7.


Match a prospective student with the most suitable counsellor based on variables like citizenship, language or location.


Create quotations for your students; inform them about other fees, including health insurance and visa.


Students are invited to complete a quality check as well as classic statement of purpose questions.


Collect relevant information about prospective students before connecting them with a human.


Students once connected with a counsellor can chat anytime and also connect for video conferencing.


Receive applications via the app; check documents uploaded by the student and assist from a phone.


Connect students with offers to a relevant ambassador (can be a student, alumni, staff or academic)

A demo app !

Test the app with  Springfield University

See for yourself what the app looks like by connecting with our own app for “Springfield University” to discuss study options with one of our counsellors. Register with Apple or just an email. Qualify as a student and then be connected automatically or choose from the options based on your answers. Request a quote for a specific course. Start your application, upload a document and complete the quality check and statement of purpose questions. Download our app and get started now.

reliable dashboard

Administer the whole journey

As an admnistrator of your interface, you will get access via web for you to:


Take control of the recruitment channels and target better prospective students.


Improve the promotion of universities, colleges and schools in your location (country, state, region). Provide them with qualified students.


Equip your education counsellors with mobile apps to work from anywhere and provide 21st century counselling.


About Sofiri

“We’re dreamers; we’re achievers, and we’re education believers. We believe that education is the most powerful tool to change the world, and we stand side by side with those who dare to pursue their dreams and achieve challenging goals wherever they want to”.

- George Hernandez, CEO & Founder

We exist to enable aspiring students around the world to study overseas through our powerful technology and human expertise.


Our platform is helping education providers, destinations and agents to make more accessible the student qualification process by requesting, tagging and filtering potential student information to then connect students with counsellors for communication and application management. We’re proud to provide aspiring students with a platform to help them achieve their dreams. Their bravery in travelling across the globe in pursuit of success inspires us. Thank you.